Not One More


The?fatal stabbing Tampa bus driver and ATU member Thomas Dunn on May 18th have sent shockwaves across the industry and renewed calls for lawmakers to end the epidemic of attacks on transit workers.

Unfortunately, this brutal tragedy is not an isolated incident, as Dunn himself recounted when he testified before the HART Board meeting (video) in December.

Every week, we hear stories about bus drivers and other transit workers being punched, stabbed, yelled at, spit upon, shot at, and even worse.

Just last week, a Milwaukee bus driver was stabbed by an angry passenger. Last month, a Bronx bus driver had urine thrown on her. In Chicago, an “L” worker was stabbed in March while trying to break up a fight.

These attacks can be prevented, and transit workers have already laid out a plan to do just that.

Congress must pass  H.R. 1139, the Transit Worker and Pedestrian Protection Act,to ensure agencies make the changes needed to eliminate these senseless acts of violence against transit workers and keep riders and pedestrians safe, too.

More than 135 Members of Congress have co-sponsored the bill, but we need more support, especially from Republicans, only six of whom have signed on so far.

Please fill out this form to send a message. Tell your Member of Congress: “Not One More” life can be lost to legislative inaction. Pass H.R. 1139, the Transit Worker and Pedestrian Protection Act, now!

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